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Newtral Media Provides Webcasting services in Chennai,india enables live stream audio and video over the Internet just like radio or TV broadcasts. Complementing your existing audio and web conferencing event with a cost-effective webcast gives you the power to deliver high-impact, multimedia presentations to anyone with a PC and a web browser. The results You'll maximize the visual impact and extend the reach to those who can't attend the live event.

As per our research experts next couple of years webcasting will become more popular among comments live marriage, funerals, prayers, events, fashion show, movie release etc

Benefits of Webcasting

Increase the size of your audience
Extend your reach to any location
Extend the life of your event with an archived version for viewing on-demand
Benefit from the ability to reach your audience under any conditions
Provide interactive communications
Add impact to any presentation with PowerPoint slides
Share information with customers, potential customers, employees, stockholders, business partners and the public